How to Make Candy Boxes for your Sweetie

When you want to raise the bar for either valentines day or otherwise, a candy box is one of the ways to do it since it does have your own personalized box of sweets instead of pre-made combos. By customizing treat boxes to match the preferences you have personally, you can guarantee that the recipient will love the treats that they’re making.  It also is good for stopping taste bud roulettes, since you can create obvious candies that they will love instead of questionable nougats.

First thing that you need is to find a box that comes with a lid. Some people like to just use hearts, but it’s better to choose what you feel is right.  You should also make sure that, if you’re using an old tin, you do clean it out, and you can also spray paint the outside the color that you feel is suitable for the holiday theme. So, if it’s their birthday, put together some colors that they personally like, and go from there.

You can from there add colorful confetti, and you can use a heart-shaped hole punch too, or cut paper with scissors, though a hole punch is a little bit less of a hassle. From there, put the confetti in the bottom and then some cupcake liners.

From here, unwrap the desserts you’ve selected. They don’t’ need to be out of the wrappers either to help with surprise. Choose items that the recipient likes, so if they don’t like sour gummies, don’t put that in here.  If you want to make it easy for you, just throw some truffles in there.  The odds of losing with truffles, so you’ll be fine. Put all of the sweets in the cups.  You can put some handmade marshmallows and little pink hearts on these too, and it will look so good, that the recipient won’t even need to say no.

Once everything is thrown in, you can even add further cupcake liners and stack more treats there.  Seal it with the lid, and then, you can give it to the person. For an extra added touch, I personally love ribbons, and if you want to tie it together, you’ll definitely be quite happy with this as well.

At this point, I do suggest that you give it to them right away, so that they’re not waiting on it and the candy doesn’t melt.  If you’re looking for a good valentines day gift idea, then this is it. Do yourself a favor, and put this together, and you’ll be amazed at the difference that this makes, and you’ll be much happier with the results that you got from this, and you’ll be quite amazed by the nature of this.

Candy boxes are simple, yet effective, and you’ll be able to, with each one, create the best results that you can with this, and give it to your partner whenever you feel like it’s right for them too.

Tips for Candy Boxes

When making candy boxes either to sell, or give, you want to make sure that you do the right things, and here, we’ll talk about some tips for candy boxes, and what you’ll want to do with these.

First, know what you’re going to put together simply by demographic or how the person is.  People do love candy, but in order to really make a statement with the sweets, you need to know what they like, and you can start to put this together in order to make it the best candy box that you can.  If you’re planning to sell candy boxes after a while, you need to know what you’re going to be targeting and marketing towards, since you don’t want to market to the wrong people. This is a big thing that lots of people don’t realize is much larger than you’d think.

If you’re trying this out, start with something easy and one that doesn’t involve expensive actions. Even just using cardstock or construction paper can help. For many people, understanding the aspects at hand and knowing how to do the basics first before you move onto something a bit more complex is important.

When putting together candy boxes, do try to put together ones that you like. If you do that, you’ll make it so much more enjoyable to have the content, and you’ll be amazed at the difference that this makes.  If you’re looking to really bring your candy boxes to a new level, then by all means, you can do so with the use of this.

Then, there’s the fact that you should make sure that the candy matches up with the box that you’re putting together. don’t just give them any old type of candy, but instead, give them candy that best befits the business that you have and what you’re going for. This is a big part of it, since many people don’t even realize that all of these factors go together, and in order to have the best candy making business, you want to make items that work together, and candies that work. So, if it’s a bo for say valentines day, it might be better to pass on the mints and other Christmas candy.  If it’s easier, don’t throw valentines day candies in there. The purpose of a candy box is to hold candies that you like, and putting the correct items into there will make a difference.

Candy is something that you’ll definitely want to make sure that you focus on, and whether you’re just making these for family and friends, or if you’re planning on selling them to others, having the right candy box will make it work for you. Remember, this is what people will see immediately, and candy boxes do communicate some great things as well. Taking the time to effectively create candy boxes for yourself is what s important, and it is something that does have a specific meaning as well.

Candy Box Ideas that work for Any Holiday

Whether you’re making this for valentines day, or because you want to give your friend something that they will enjoy, these candy bo ideas are great for them. Here, we’ll give you some real simple candy boxes, and why they work, along with how to make them.

First, is a heart top truffle box, perfect for homemade truffles.  You need cardstock, a box template, scissors, and a glue stick.

What you need to do is first print and cut out the box template.  You should cut and trace this out of the cardstock. Next, you assemble this by folding the paper where the lines are on the template. Cut out the slits where the bold line appears to help fasten this together. You can from there the sides and secure it with a glue stick. it’s that simple, and truffles are quite good for any candy box, and it will definitely make the statement that you want to.

Then there is the fringed box.  It involves a round tin with a lid, some colored tissue paper, glue stick, and scissors.  These are good for when you have multiple boxes and you want to give this to someone.

To begin, you want to cut ¾ inch strips of the tissue paper, and from here, you want to make small fringes on each one in a horizontal manner about ¼ of an inch apart.  Glue this from the bottom and layer it upwards. Trim the excess paper that’s around the lid, and from there, you’ll have a fringed box that involves lots of space for your candy, and it makes the perfect candy box for you to enjoy and one that gives you the results that you want.

Then there is the glitter box, which if you’re fine with glitter, this is the perfect one for you. What you need, is a small box that’s square and has a lid, some chunky glitter, a paintbrush, and some glue.  What you want to do, is take the paintbrush and glue, and put it over the lid with the paintbrush.  What you then do, is put the glitter over this. It will stick to the glue.  You can then let it dry completely, and then add more and more layers of glue and glitter to the box itself, and you’ll then be able to have a nice and worthwhile box, and one with a lot of great benefits since everyone loves glitter, and it will be a beautiful candy box that you and the special someone will love.

Whether you’re giving this to someone as a gift, or if you’re just giving it to them for valentines day, you’ll be quite happy with the results from this, and the aspects of it that you’ll enjoy. you’ll be able to, with this, create a better, more worthwhile situation, and you’ll be able to create some great and useful results out of this that you will not regret at all.